SSP brings local culinary stars to Melbourne Airport


SSP Group has opened two new outlets in the Qantas Terminal 1 at Melbourne Airport.

Mobo Moga is an Asian fusion restaurant created in partnership with Australian chef Gary Mehigan. It serves a menu inspired by the foods Mehigan loves to eat, including Vietnamese classic banh mi, the Bombay Sandwich and Gary’s Fried Noodles.

Commenting on the venture with SSP, Mehigan said, “When great food and service is part of your DNA, creativity and innovation are contagious. The future looks bright for great travel and food experiences, so why shouldn’t these start before you fly? My partnership with SSP Australia brings a world of endless flavor to Australian airports, creating unique spaces and experiences so passengers can relax and enjoy their travel almost as much as their destination.”

The Grace Wine Bar & Eatery has been created in partnership with Scottish-born chef Ray Capaldi. It has been designed to allow travelers to enjoy elegant food and drink pairings in a sophisticated environment.

Capaldi said, “The Grace will offer passengers something different whilst giving them the classics and signature dishes presented with a unique twist. Guests will find the menu familiar yet more memorable while a focus on quality and consistency will shine through. We’re thrilled to be working with SSP Australia to bring The Grace to life. SSP is leading a change of pace in dining options in airports. We’re creating something to be proud of and making memories for our guests together.”

Dominic Cain, general manager of SSP Australia, said, “Our collaboration with renowned culinary talents such as Gary Mehigan and Raymond Capaldi, along with coffee industry icons Rocky Veneziano and Craig Dickson from Veneziano Coffee Roasters, exemplifies our commitment to excellence. Their expertise brings an unparalleled level of gastronomic finesse to our offerings.

“These new ventures at the Melbourne T1 terminal are a testament to SSP Australia’s ambition to set new standards in the travel food sector. We’re not just raising the bar – we’re creating a whole new benchmark for quality and innovation in airport dining. The partnerships with celebrity chefs and industry legends are part of our broader strategy to revolutionize the way people experience food at airports. With these new openings, we are blending culinary art with the hustle and bustle of travel, offering passengers a taste of the extraordinary.”

“This is an exhilarating time for SSP Australia. The new sites at Melbourne T1 are just the beginning and we’re looking forward to bringing more innovative and exciting brands to the market in the coming months.”

Aaron Gupta, head of retail and asset management at Melbourne Airport, said, ‘’Affectionately known as The Square, the food and beverage precinct is the first stage of Melbourne Airport’s Terminal 1 retail refurbishment. Travelers will be able to taste the best of Victoria with excellent products in both new and traditional creations.’’

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